Lifelong Bethel kid fighting for the Lower Kuskokwim region in the Alaska State House. 

About Me

My name is CJ McCormick, and I am a born and raised Bethel kid. I am the first Gen Z legislator ever elected to the Alaska State House, and I am running to fight for our region in Juneau.

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Our communities are in dire need of public safety resources. I will fight for increased support to address Alaska's MMIP crisis, increase funding for victim services, and push for criminal justice reform. 


Our schools have been chronically underfunded and are in unacceptable condition. Our teachers do not have a decent retirement. I will fight to ensure that our students get the quality education they deserve.

subsistence rights

Our region has seen a catastrophic collapse of subsistence resources, threatening our food security and Indigenous ways of life. I will continue to fight to protect the lands and waters that are so crucial to our communities.


Our state has chronically underinvested in rural Alaska, and many of the communities in our region still remain without basic infrastructure. I will continue to fight for the funding our district deserves. 

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